git-secret-changes - view diff of the hidden files.


git secret changes [-h] [-d dir] [-p password] [pathspec]...


git-secret-changes - shows changes between the current version of hidden files and the ones already committed. You can provide any number of hidden files to this command as arguments, and it will show changes for these files only. Note that files must be specified by their encrypted names, typically filename.yml.secret. If no arguments are provided, information about all hidden files will be shown.

Note also that this command can be affected by the SECRETS_PINENTRY environment variable. See (See git-secret(7) for information using SECRETS_PINENTRY.


-d  - specifies `--homedir` option for the `gpg`. Use this option if your store your keys in a custom location.
-p  - specifies password for noinput mode, adds `--passphrase` option for `gpg`.
-h  - shows help.


Run man git-secret-changes to see this note.


git-secret-add(1), git-secret-tell(1), git-secret-hide(1), git-secret-reveal(1), git-secret-cat(1)